We are people concerned about the recent announcement that 600 recognised refugees who received refugee status before July 2017 will be forced to leave from UNHCR/NGO accommodation (apartments and camps) by 31st March 2019. We do not want to see any more refugees on the street. We are calling a solidarity assembly to discuss the announcement, what effects this decision will have, and what we can do. Please come if you are affected by this decision or know people who are. We will discuss in English and have translation in Arabic, Dari, Farsi, French, Greek… stand up, RAISE YOUR VOICE (no more refugees in street)

ASSEMBLY: 8PM, Politechneio University, GINI Building 27/02/19

More information: contact ‭+30 698 7518865‬ Press: https://blog.refugee.info/exit-accommodation-cash/

Healthy Food donation!

A huge thank you for Leslie Meral Schick for this amazing and healthy food donation!
Joghurt, Milk, Chicken, and a lot of vegetables! As well as Biscuits and Jam for the kids!

We are very happy and thankful!

If you want to help us with food as well- feel free to contact us!

And for the children we have Honey, Jam and biscuits ♥

Wild animals on Tour

We had a very nice trip today with some woman of the Squat!
We visited Melissa Network and Amurtel. Two projects which are giving special support for women!
We had fun and hopefully our woman are going to language classes soon!


Emergency shelter

Today we met Arash from Our house. He was trying to find shelters for some homeless families.
We were able to take four person in our emergency room.
Two women with children got kicked out of their room this morning, because they cannot pay for another month. One of them has a six year old daughter, the other one a fifteen year old daughter.
For now they are in the emergency room. We are trying to find another room for them in the house!
For this we need some more blankets, mattresses and food – if you could support us with some of this needs – contact us for details!

blankets and food

New Blankets for our people and also some airmatresses!
And we’ve got food donation as well!

All from Pamperaki
Thanks a lot!


We are always in need of fresh foods – if you are able to buy some vegetables and fruits for us- we would be happy about it!

In solidarity